Taking The Cape Off

Book Bonuses

As a thank you from Pat Kenny for purchasing his book Taking The Cape Off, and helping to spread Sean’s story that mental illness is like any other physical illness, below are your FREE book bonuses.

Bonus Video 1


Chief Pat Kenny shares how mental illness is a physical illness and provides insights to help you be a better leader in your organization. 

Time: 6:41 minutes

Bonus Video 2


Chief Pat Kenny shares the importance of adding mental health resources into your the checklist when your son or daughter is going away to school.

Time: 4:24 Minutes

Bonus Video 3


Chief Pat Kenny shares about something that isn’t talked about in leadership at all and that is spirituality and signs. Signs are all around us if we are open to seeing them. Pat shares many that have occurred in his life.

Time: 9:31 Minutes

Bonus Video 4


Leaders are involved in all sorts of pre-planning but rarely in human pre-planning. Chief Pat Kenny shares insights that can help you be a better leader in your organization.

Time: 3:29 Minutes

Bonus Video 5


Chief Pat Kenny shares how self-care is necessary to be the best leader you can be.

Time: 6:40 minutes

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