Fire Chief Pat Kenny (Ret.) contributor to the 2021 IAFC Yellow Ribbon Report

IAFC-VCOS Releases the 2021 Yellow Ribbon Report Update on Responder Behavioral Wellness 

International Fire Chiefs Association (IAFC) 
Volunteer and Combination Officers Section’s (VCOS) 
VCOS Yellow Ribbon Report Update 
Contributing Author: 
Pat Kenny 
Fire Chief (Ret.) 
Western Springs, Illinois 

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November 10, 2021

VCOS announced the release of a new important resource for first responders, the 2021 Yellow Ribbon Report Update. Chief Patrick J. Kenny was a contributing author of the original report released in 2017. Based on feedback for the need for more life-saving information the VCOS compiled this completely new document as a supplement to the original. In this update there is added information on topics such as gaslighting, emotional intelligence, compassion fatigue, learned helplessness, resilience, and more. In addition, there are a new set of eleven best practices, an emotional tactical worksheet, survey results on behavioral wellness, and key resources.

Chief Kenny states, “The 2021 Yellow Ribbon Report Update on Responder Behavioral Wellness is aimed at taking the challenge of behavioral health beyond the awareness stage of the original report, to now taking action in your organization as well as your life.

It is a comprehensive report with an abundance of information not intended to intimidate but to motivate. Stand up and be that leader our service needs by taking action on several items in the report aimed to protect your people by smashing the stigma of mental illness.”


To learn more and download report go here

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