Fire Chief Pat Kenny Tribute – Western Springs Village Board

January 11, 2021
Village of Western Spring Board Meeting

President Alice Gallagher, Village Manager Ingrid Velkme, and Deputy Chief Mike Kelly pay tribute to Fire Chief Pat Kenny at the Western Springs Village Board meeting.

Chief Kenny’s distinguished career spans over two decades as a Fire Chief, first serving with the Hinsdale Fire Department as their Chief for 14 years, and completing his career as Fire Chief in Western Springs for the last 9 years.

Chief Kenny is the author of the best-selling book, “TAKING THE CAPE OFF: How to Lead through Mental Illness, Unimaginable Grief and Loss” and is a nationally renowned speaker and author within the fire service as well as a key figure in promoting mental health.

Chief Patrick Kenny retires from the Western Springs Department of Fire & EMS, effective January 15, 2021, but plans to continue to dedicate his time and effort to promoting outreach for mental health, grief, and loss within the public safety professions.

You can read more about Chief Pat Kenny’s and is retirement announcement in:

The Village of Western Springs Illinois
Tower Topics
Volume 69, Issue 1 January/February 2021
Page 5



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